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Onyx Program: 5 - 6 years

Programs Designed for Child-Centred Independent Learning


"Encouraging Independance"

Our Onyx Program is a full dance program for your early school age child. With a scheduled two-hour class once a week, your child will experience four themed mini-classes and 6 styles of dance each class (information below). Through our thoughtfully laid out themes, we also support your child's creativity and instruction in their fine & large motor skills, dance etiquette, theatre expression, music in relation to dance and ability to be able to link dance steps together to make their own dance.


The program includes a snack time each class, two parent viewing days and four party days through out the year, running from September to June with a year end-recital.



The Onyx Program is for children in Kindergarten and Grade 1, ages 5 - 6and is child-centred independent learning program.

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Onyx Themed Classes
Our Onyx Program included 4 themed mini-classes in every weekly class.
Encouraging Movement

Dance Styles:

Jazz & Hip Hop

With the growing body in mind, this class encourages both your child's larger and smaller muscle control and development. Dancers need to be able to run, jump, balance and be ready to move in any direction when necessary. This is developed through our movement play.

In this class we include elements of Jazz and Hip Hop and children have fun learning dance etiquette through games.

Encouraging Expression

Dance Styles:

Ballet & Acro

It is important to capture and cultivate a child's growing imagination to explore different feelings and expressions they have and use them in a way that they enjoy. Expression and feeling is what makes dance an art form, instead of a sport. 


In this class we include elements of Ballet and Acro and your child will learn how to express themselves through games and role play.  

Encouraging Musicality

Dance Styles:

Tap & Musical Theatre

Music is included in our program as it is such an integral part of dance. Children learn the basics of music in relation to dance and start developing their 'inner ear'. A good dancer visualizes the music and finds the nuances to create a harmonious blend of dancer and music. 


In this class we include elements of Tap and Musical Theatre and learn music in relation to dance through instruments, songs and movement.

Encouraging Choreography



Children instinctively love to create. To link their own steps together with their favourite piece of music.  Creating their own masterpieces or just creating them with their friends. We encourage this as we know this gives a child a sense of pride in their own abilities and boosts self-confidence in their dance skills.


In this class we include elements of child and teacher choreography which will be showcased in our year-end recital.

Registration Fee

$25 single dancer

$15 each additional dancer

(in same immediate family)

plus gst

Fee is due upon enrollment.

Non-refundable once paid.

This includes a Welcome Package and ensures students place in the program until first Monthly Tuition Fees are due.

2023/24 SEASON


3:15 - 5:15 pm

September - June

Monthly Tuition Fee

$108.50 per month

plus gst

Fees due for the 1st of every month.

Non-refundable once paid.

Prices are pro-rated over 10 months.

Late registrations will have session
fee readjusted to reflect start date. 


First and last month's tuition is

due for the 1st of September.

Recital  Fee

$75 per dancer

plus gst

Fee is due March 1st.

Non-refundable once paid.

This includes a recital costume

and a group class photo.

Family Rate Discount 

10% discount 

on each additional child's monthly tuition

For 2 or more children enrolled of the same immediate family.

Discount applied to tuition of equal or lesser value.

Tap Shoe Rental - Optional

$20 per year

plus gst

Fee due before first use.

Non-refundable after first use.

For the use in class all year.

As feet grow, shoes are refitted.

Onyx Dress Code

Girls Attire:

  • Black, short sleeved leotard: Supplied by JAZZ-MA-TAZZ, used in recital

  • Black, Cartwheel shorts

  • Plain, white socks

  • Pink ballet slippers (leather or plastic, NO nylon gym slippers)

  • Black tap shoes (Tap shoe rental option)


 Optional for colder months:

  • Black leggings or jogging pants

  • Black long-sleeved shirt, ballet-wrap, bolero-style or tighter-fitted cardigan



  • Long Hair: "Teddy Bear Buns" - two high buns at top side of head (where pigtails would sit)

  • Short Hair: if not able to put into pigtails, clip back bangs from eyes

Boys Attire:

  • Black sport or bicycle shorts  

  • Fitted, black, plain short sleeved t-shirt

  • White socks

  • White or Black ballet shoes (leather or plastic, NO nylon gym slippers)

  • Black tap shoes (Tap shoe rental option)

 Optional for colder months:

  • Black leggings or jogging pants

  • Black long-sleeved shirt or tighter-fitted cardigan


  • Short Hair: neatly groomed, out of face and eyes  

  • Long Hair: low ponytail

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